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Young America at its best

In the year 1973, the carpenter had a privilege of performing at the white house. President Richard Nixon was greatly impressed by the music played by the carpenters. After the performance of the carpenters, they were given the title of the present and he called “Young America at its best”. The carpenters music had a clear sense in it and that is the reason why the carpenters continued their successful journey with the third album. There were some hit songs included in that album in particular “Rainy days and Mondays”. It was a class in the music that made the carpenters distinct from other musicians at that time.

The song melodies of the music produced by the carpenters always demonstrated the shape of the songs. In the year 1972, the carpenters keep up the good professional work and they launched their fourth album. Like the third one, fourth, album was also a hit. Almost every song was popular at that time, if we talk about some of the insanely popular numbers, then “Top of the world” was clearly the best of the songs. The carpenters have been always consistent in their work; the persistent attitude was the main difference in the music, the fifth album that was launched in the year 1973 was “Now and then”. The carpenters improved the quality of the music almost every day. The fifth album proved to be a landmark for the carpenters. The song “Yesterday once more” is considered to be the kind of song that became the identity.

The carpenters had a long run, initially when they started their music career, they didn’t have the type of appreciation they needed. From then onwards they keep on growing their careers gradually, and ultimately got the climax. The carpenters were always passionate about their music; the carpenters were invited to number to talk shows. As guests they were greatly admired by the audiences even on the television. The carpenters were offered with their own music show, the show was somehow different than the other music shows. ABC television provided a platform to the carpenters, through which they were able to produce their own musical variety.

The carpenters were aware of the fact that if they would have to be at the top of the music world they have to be creative all the time. In the year 1975, the carpenters launched their fifth album. The name of the fifth album was “Horizon”. Unlike the fourth album that made the carpenters super stars, fifth album failed to have that kind of impact. But the album went on to give a moderate business. ABC television series was more popular at that time; the theme of the show was quite different than the other programs. The idea was to produce a unique kind of a variety show. The carpenters were getting enough response from their television shows, but wasn’t able to craft the kind of music that people liked. It was the time, the number of followers started decreasing for the carpenters. The carpenters were unable to develop the kind of music that they have done successfully in the past. The album was named “A kind of hush”.