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The Carpenters: Record breaking albums

The music in the early 70’s was melodious and there are few of the bands that have got distinct music style. “The Carpenters” was an American instrumental duo; there were only two team members of the band that were known for their vocals at the same time. Richard Carpenter and Karen Carpenter were two siblings that formed the band in the year 1969. The musical style adopted by the carpenters was different and mostly soft music was used in the backgrounds. The number of listeners and the followers of the band gradually increased and the band becomes one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

The carpenters enjoyed playing the music at different levels; using different platforms “the carpenters” were able to record 11 musical albums. “The carpenters” was a huge success and the success got them to five television series as well. There were nearly thirty-one single albums that were launched by the carpenters.

The carpenters were clearly developed quality music in the early 70’s and reached to top of the list of American Top 40. This was just a beginning for the carpenters when the albums with mixed genres reached record breaking standings on Adult contemporary charts. The composition of the songs with soft genres got the carpenters top position on the billboard chart. The carpenters also launched thirty-one single albums, most of which reach the top of the adult contemporary charts.

The band got acknowledgment from the famous program “Battle of the bands” in the year 1966. Karen carpenter and Richard Carpenter initially recorded a demo tape and then later that tape was sent to Herb Alpert. As soon as the tape reaches the A&M records, the demo was appreciated and both the siblings were officially signed as “The carpenters”.

The first album that was launched by the Carpenters was “offerings”. The album was launched right after the signing the name “The carpenters”.

The first album wasn’t able to make an impact onto the listeners, and it was set back to the carpenters. After the disappointing start, the carpenters decided to work on their second album in the year 1970, but this time more determination and the commitment were part of the plan. The album was named “Close to you” and they proved to be fortunate enough for the carpenters as it turned out to be a hit album. After the recognition of the album worldwide, the carpenters are now known as the splendid singers. The carpenters wanted to have their own identity and they got the identity right after the second album.

When the carpenters signed contract, the A&M graphic department started working on the logo for the third album. The logo was professionally designed by the expert Craig Braun. At the first glance onto the logo, Richard was mesmerized by the idea. The carpenter logo was a symbol for the carpenters as the logo was consistently used on the back cover of the albums that were later launched by the band. The logo was recognized by every fan and the follower as they loved the music played by the carpenters.