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The struggle and the Karen Carpenter Death

The carpenters were extremely popular and they were enjoying their music on the television shows. The television shows were gradually had more viewer ship when Karen Carpenter started to feel that she is gaining more weight. This was the time when Karen started to realize that she is gaining more weight than required. Even music critics also mentioned that Karen is fat in most of the articles that were published at that time. It was quite frustrating for Karen because she wasn’t able to focus onto the music due to the problem. To resolve the issue Karen started to work out a little bit, she also started dieting at the same time. But that didn’t work well for Karen and she gained more weight.

She consulted number of doctors about the issue, she was facing. On the other side, she was consistently focused onto the dieting plans. This resulted in the great loss of weight. She was told by the doctors that she is weight obsessed and then she started fighting with the eating disorder disease. Karen lost weight too quickly and after 6 weeks from the date of diagnosis, she was only left with 77 pounds. It was an alarming situation for Karen and she became thinner and thinner. During the world tour in the year 1975, Karen was so weak to fight against the diseases, as the immune system didn’t work well for her. Karen somehow managed to complete the tour and it was a successful one. The fans of the carpenters have not idea about what is happening to Karen. Finally, in the year 1983, Karen carpenter had a heart attached that she could not survive. Karen carpenter was found to be suffering from anorexia nervosa. Later on the reports showed that Karen had excessive doses of the ipecac, ipecac is a kind of drug that is used to make patient vomit. But unfortunately she did too excessive amount of ipecac that proved to be deadly for Karen health. The only positive thing that happened after the Karen death was the awareness that people had against the eating disorders.

Karen death was shocking not only for the fans but at the same time Richard was also devastated by the Karen’s death. But Richard managed to keep up the focus, and started working on the next album. After the death of Karen, tenth album was launched but this time fans didn’t have the voice of Karen .But Richard uses Karen recording from the previous solo albums. The name of the album was “voice of the heart”. Mixed kind of response came from the listeners and the album did a moderate level of the business. In the year 1985, Richard decided to get married; nothing stopped Richard from working on the next album. The eleventh album that was launched by Richard Carpenter was “An old fashioned Christmas”. Richard later on compiled an album that included previous songs from different albums. The name of the album was “Yesterday once more” .

The carpenters: A Glimpse on the personal life

The carpenter never wanted to be known for the trademark music only. They desired to be known as the versatile singer of all time. So for that, they both decided to produce the kind of music that is a bit more sophisticated and mature. Karen carpenter decided to focus on the theme songs that were more exotic and sexy. The first love theme song was named “Making love on Saturday afternoon”. Making love was not the only song that was sung by the carpenters, there were two other song’s name “My Body Keeps Changing My Mind” and “Make Believe it’s Your First Time. Karen and Richard were certain and confident enough that they had a wonderful composition of the songs and the album would is expected to do well. But the things got complicated when the team carpenters gathered at A&M studios. Phil was the one that hated the album when they first listened to the songs, later on Karen and Richard were also convinced that they were now able to produce the kind of album that can get the attention of the listeners. So it was finally decided that the album will not be launched, but it will rather be postponed.

Phil Ramone was the key man for the carpenters, the exercise done by the carpenters was not up the musical standards and it was quite disappointing, not only for the carpenters but for Phil Ramone was equally disappointed with the efforts.

In the year 1980, Karen started thinking of getting married. In the same year Karen and Thomas Burris were seen together on different occasions. Thomas Burris was a wealthy man and he owns a real estate business. When Karen was asked about whom she should like to marry, she said she would like to marry a man that is not only financially strong but also support her in persuading music career. Karen thought Thomas Burris would be a right man to marry and then she deiced to marry in the 1980. The marriage ceremony was held at Beverly Hills Hotel with few of the close family friends were invited only.

After settling down, Karen and Richard decided to wear on another album. The album was named “”Made in America.” No one knows that Karen would be suffering from a lethal disease and the album produced by the carpenters proved to be the last album before the death of Karen Carpenter. The album, however managed to get the attention of the listeners. Proving the critics wrong, reasonable business was gained from the last album by the carpenters together.

Karen and Thomas were not compatible as a pair and they didn’t have the kind of synchronization that was needed in marriage. One day both had a fight at Richard place and then Thomas decided to let Karen go. Karen and Richard started preparing the divorce papers, but at the same time Karen’s health was deteriorating constantly by anorexia Nervosa. Divorce papers were never filed or signed due to the health issues faced by Karen. Karen then moved to New York to see a psychotherapist.