Paying Tribute To His Sister’s Memory

Whenever a close member of our family dies it can be a long road to emotional recovery. It took Richard Carpenter four years to release an album following the passing of his sister Karen. While this is a respectable amount of time to mourn, it was also time for Richard to get back into the recording studio and help his fans remembers how him and his sister earned a place in our hearts to begin with.

Recovery With Music

It didn’t seem like much had changed in the last four years. Richard Carpenter was just as attractive as ever being 160 pounds and 6 feet tall. The one and greatest change was that this album would only include a select portion of clips from the voice of his beloved singing counterpart and sister. Karen Carpenter died from a heart attack that was the result of a long and difficult battle with anorexia. Anorexia is a common disease among those who are in the eye of public scrutiny. It can be difficult to build a self-esteem and know your value when so many people are trying to find things wrong with you. Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death in the world. We should all learn the basics of how to perform CPR. United Medical Education teaches courses on how to save lives from heart attacks through their course ACLS recertification online. This is often taken by healthcare professionals. If you are looking for a discount search for United Medical Education promo code.

Finding Peace With New Life

Near the time of this tragedy Richard became a father for the first time. Hopefully, he found some peace with the coming of a new life close to this tragic passing. While Richard released his album, he did not intend on going on tour any time soon. He wanted to focus on being a parent and raising his daughter for the first while. We commend him on his dedication to family and putting them as his priority.

The new album was a bit different from the previous albums, not just because his sister Karen’s voice would largely not be on it. Richard wanted to return his heart and soul to the music and find a new voice for himself going forward. Sometimes moving on and making changes is the best way to heal.

The release of this album is a true reminder to many of the fans that Karen Carpenter has left us forever. We can all take comfort in the music that she left with us and the sweet sound of her old voice.

Keeping Their Memory Alive

It is still hard for me to separate Karen from her brother Richard in my mind. Some of my favorite songs growing up were of those two sharing a tune and a flood of emotion. I’ll always continue to dream of those two together, and listen to their timeless music. It is the best way to keep their memory alive.